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I provide in-person and online counseling to adults and adolescents.

Together we will work as a team to achieve your goals.

I have been working as a therapist since 2001 and had thousands of clients from all over the world, who successfully improved their lives through our work together.

Who I Am

An expert in psychotherapy with 23 years of experience

I have been working as a therapist for the last 23 years in Europe and United States, providing services to children, adults, and adolescents. I have experience in working as a business coach, mediating conflicts and enhancing communication.

My Services

I have witnessed how a lifelong problem was solved in 1 session with EMDR. It’s worth trying!

One of the best therapeutic approaches I know and frequently use is EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, an evidence-based treatment, which makes miracles if it works for you. In my experience it worked for 90% of my clients and I use it myself to deal with psychological pain and build energy resources.


EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing – one of the most effective evidence-based therapy.

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Business Negotiation Consulting

Effective business negotiations provide mutual satisfaction to all the parties involved. Sometimes, misunderstandings hinder agreements.

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Sexual Wellness Counseling

Sex is one of our basic needs, when not satisfied, it can lead to stress, anxiety and low self-esteem. You can change your sex life!

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Financial Therapy

Financial anxiety results from financial trauma, sometimes we aren’t even aware of it.

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    The Number 1 Parenting Attitude Which Leads to Anger

    The Number 1 Parenting Attitude Which Leads to Anger All human emotions are tied to specific thoughts which occur before the emotion even shows up. Exploring these thoughts helps to alleviate the intensity of emotion. When we explore our thoughts toward good parenting, we see how some attitudes that we have affect us, and, subsequently,…

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  • The Anger Iceberg

    The Anger Iceberg

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  • Beating the Burnout Blues

    Beating the Burnout Blues

    Parenting is an adventure, filled with excitement, love, and joy. At the same time, it can be completely exhausting. Increasingly, parents report feeling tired, frustrated, and depressed. Researchers have begun to focus on parental burnout, examining its nature and association with anger. Parental burnout has three dimensions: exhaustion, distancing, and ineffectiveness. Burned–out parents feel tired…

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