Business Negotiation Consulting

Negotiations can be difficult, but I can provide insight into people’s motives, behavior, and thoughts, improving the results of the negotiation. Psychology plays a critical role in the negotiation process. What I can help with:

  1. Build an adequate level of trust.
  2. Manage conflict and stress. 
  3. Improve persuasion skills.
  4. Change emotional connection between parties – improving psychological climate.
  5. Understand another person’s perspective, which opens new doors in a dialogue.
  6. Understand cognitive biases.
  7. Pinpoint sources of anxiety and tame this emotion.

I have years of experience helping negotiators achieve great results and find workable solutions. My therapeutic background adds another layer of credibility. Frequently, only by observing people’s nonverbal behavior can I tell what is going on in the relationship and what needs to be done for communication to become efficient.