• The Number 1 Parenting Attitude Which Leads to Anger

    The Number 1 Parenting Attitude Which Leads to Anger All human emotions are tied to specific thoughts which occur before the emotion even shows up. Exploring these thoughts helps to alleviate the intensity of emotion. When we explore our thoughts toward good parenting, we see how some attitudes that we have affect us, and, subsequently,…

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  • The Anger Iceberg

    Have you heard people say that the best way to defend yourself is to attack? Do you sometimes first feel anxiety and then, suddenly anger? Imagine, you are at home waiting for your child to come from school. It is already 2:00 p.m., and they are not home yet. Three o’clock, four, five—you are very…

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  • Beating the Burnout Blues

    Parenting is an adventure, filled with excitement, love, and joy. At the same time, it can be completely exhausting. Increasingly, parents report feeling tired, frustrated, and depressed. Researchers have begun to focus on parental burnout, examining its nature and association with anger. Parental burnout has three dimensions: exhaustion, distancing, and ineffectiveness. Burned–out parents feel tired…

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