Financial Therapy

What is Financial therapy, and do you need it?
Financial therapy is tied to the emotion regulation of financial stress and trauma. Anxiety about money is one of the ordinary yet disregarded forms of anxiety. Money is a taboo topic for many people, and there is no culture of dealing with this specific type of anxiety in a therapy office. Meanwhile, financial anxiety is like any anxiety tied to our past experiences and imagination. Our mind is trying to protect us with anxiety, saying something terrible happened already and will happen again; you need to be ready. When anxiety is not debilitating, it can make us proactive in dealing with our finances; however, for many people, money anxiety, if not regulated, results in mindless spending, fear of looking at bills, credit card debt grows, and fear of staying with no money grows at the same time. The critical thing about intense anxiety and worry is that frequently, it has roots in past trauma, which, if not healed, sends this anxious thought to our mind. Many of us have had financial trauma that we aren’t even aware of; it could’ve been hardship, sudden money loss, or microtrauma from receiving big bills that you can’t pay off. When there is no appropriate support, we pull ourselves together and try to survive, suppressing emotions; this is how trauma forms. Working with a therapist on your financial concerns can help change how you relate to money, decreasing anxiety and increasing hope and optimism; faith in your financial well-being will grow, and how you think about money will change, attracting more money in your life!